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Relaxed, meaningful and inclusive humanist wedding ceremonies for the adventurous and free-spirited. Representing you and your love story authentically is what I care about the most as a celebrant - not tradition. Let’s celebrate you, your way! - Get married wherever you like! A humanist wedding ceremony can take place anywhere, as it is not restricted to a licensed venue (unlike a registrar led ceremony). I thrive in nature, but scrub up well for posh venues too, so I'd be honoured to marry you anywhere that is right for you. - I will create and officiate a ceremony for ANY two persons in love. Love is love is love. - What elements can I have in my ceremony? Anything! I know, there’s a theme emerging… Symbolic rituals are lovely to include as they help you mark the moment and transition from one state to another (couple to married couple), but they do not have to be traditional. You can make up your own ritual or pick a non-religious one that really speaks to you. It’s all about making it meaningful to you. I usually talk about what love and marriage means to you, narrate your love story and peak the ceremony with the pronouncement. In between those elements, you could include personal readings, music or little performances. Or don’t. It’s completely up to you.


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